God did it for me

God has been so faithful to me and am just so thankful for his constant encouragement through the trying moments I went through I didn’t give up on myself God didn’t give up on me either. I am so blessed! Now the future is certain. He knows the plans he has for me, plans to proper me and give me a future filled with hope.IMG20181118114405

Am glad the smile is back.


My mistake was correct

I prayed to God that I needed to get a 100% in my final medication math exam and God answered my prayer.

On the day of the Exam I was feeling really calm like I usually feel when going for an exam, because the Holy Spirit gives in an inner peace.

As the exam proceeded there was I question that I calculated and got 60. 25 when the correct answer was 59.25 when you multiply (79*0.75).

The question said to round up to a whole number and I got 60 which apparently was the correct answer because the medication that we were calculating can only be give in 20s,40s and 60s. So if you got a 59.25 you would automatically change it to 59 which was wrong.

God heard and answered my prayer, I didn’t have any knowledge about how the drug would be given but in my silly mistake God showed his great power.

My dear friend Don’t complain when certain things don’t go as planned, remember the Bible say all things are working for your good.



God is the king and we are heirs of prosperity, we don’t lack for we have everything we need in him. Seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all shall be added unto you (Matthew 6 vs 33) God loves you😘

Being sensetive with other People’s feelings.

Some times unknowingly and knowingly  we find pleasure in other people’s misfortune, which is not good. We wouldn’t love to be laughed at when things are not okay, Instead we would love a shoulder to cry on. A smile makes a difference in someone’s life,  cause that’s what love is, being able to stand up for each other not against each other. Choose to build people and not destroy😒 bearing in mind that you can’t change them cause we are all different but you can usher them to the right way and encourage them when needed . Stay blessed 😊